EVERYTHING starts with a beautiful head… 

Everything should be organic in a confident man: face, clothes, soul, and thoughts… By the way, what about his appearance? The rules of living in the modern society dictate to men: a well-groomed face, a neat and fashionable hairstyle, a beautiful beard – they all make the image bright, brutal and attractive. An attractive appearance, personality and a style of your own – these are the three whales that make a man popular and demanded among people of all social statuses and ages. Being handsome and fashionable is not shameful today – it is a “must have” for everyone who wants to set high goals and to achieve them by confident steps.

What will help a man to keep the bar high at any time? Sure, a haircut, but not all haircuts look really impressive without a high-quality styling. It has long been known that 80% of haircut success comes from the right choice of the hair stylist, and the remaining 20%, of course, come from the right use of properly selected products: clay, paste, oils, creams, balms, shampoos, etc. It is these products that help to make the image harmonious; you just need to choose the right product correctly, and success is guaranteed! And here we are ready to help you with this! The line of “Hipster” styling products and hair care products is designed using the latest technologies and natural ingredients, our formulas were created and tested for a decade, and they were highly appreciated by professional barbers. And now we are ready to provide the consumer with a high-quality and perspective product.

Our brand name was selected for a reason. “Hipster” is not just hair styling products, it is an element of the subculture of smart, educated and interesting men. Our goal is creating good products for those who value their own style and want to be original, genuine and unique.


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